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Don’t put off your hip replacement! I did and regret the decision. I’m a big guy 6’2”, 300+ lbs. I thought my pain would increase. Just the opposite. From the moment I awoke in the recovery room I was pain free in the hip. Even the incision site wasn’t bad, and never needed anything more powerful than regular Tylenol. Find a good physical therapist who treats hands on instead of teaching you stretches. Dr. Holmes did a great job and has my full recommendation!
Christopher Parker (Chris)
Dr. Holmes is an amazing doctor. So very glad I choose him to do my knee replacement. He tells you like it is and compassionate at the same time. I had 100% trust in him performing my surgery. Could not ask for a better doctor. Not only is he a fantastic doctor, he is also a very very good man. Best decision ever to have Dr. Homes perform my knee replacement.
Carol K
I ❤️ Dr. Holmes! I had a complicated scenario where I needed a hip replacement but my weight was not ideal. In my experience, the doctors will want you to lose weight before giving any treatment. Dr. Holmes was caring and he explained that it was high risk but doable. Thanks to him, I have my mobility and posture back. Im back to teaching folklorico dance, traveling, going to the gym and enjoying life again. (Im the one in the middle). Anyone out there who is affraid, dont be!
Lily Hernandez
Dr Holmes and Dr McCarthy are both very professional and caring. Their diagnostic knowledge is superb.
Rosie Valdez
Dr. Holmes and his entire staff is first class. They made me feel comfortable in making the decision to have a hip replacement. Best decision I have ever made and am back to working out at the gym and playing some of the best golf of my life. Thanks to Dr. Holmes.
Ralph Alonzo
Super great, caring surgeon. I had both my knees replaced and he was great through the whole process. He explained what to expect , and emphasized once surgery was done I had to do my part and do all the rehab excersizes diligently or it would all be for nothing. I did and have excellent flexibility. It's been years ago now and I'm so grateful I chose him.
Debbie Warren
I would recommend Dr. Holmes to anyone that has knee pain. Dr. Holmes performed knee replacement surgery on my left knee that was bone on bone and within 5 months I was back running and playing ball with no pain at all. He is very professional, personal and has the patients best interests at heart. Thanks Dr. Holmes.
Larry Shepers
Dr. Holmes is the best!!! Left and right total knee replacement surgeries went great. I was back to work 8 weeks after surgery, minus the pain I had endured for so many years. These surgeries greatly improved my quality of life that I had been missing prior to surgery. Kudos to Dr. Holmes and his great staff!!!
Ismael Salazar
My dad is a patient of Dr. Holmes. He had knee replacement surgery, and it has helped him tremendously! He has had no more pain in his knee going on 7 years! I highly recommend Dr. Holmes if you are having any Orthopedic issues!
Michelle Lira
I’ve been with Dr Holmes for over 20 years. All my injuries were incurred due to my occupation. Dr Holmes is the most sincere, honest, and passionate doctor that I have been associated with. He is the “peoples doctor” a straighter shooter with a hell of a staff that will become part of your family(hi Bobby). I thank the man above for the Doc’s wisdom, skill, and ability. You too will learn that he’s not only your doctor but your caring friend.
Josef louis

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