How Can Heel Pain Be Prevented?

Heel pain can affect various areas of our lives. When our feet ache, it becomes harder to participate in sports, exercise, and even daily activities. The good news is that regardless of how active you are, there are ways to prevent heel pain that can help keep you moving. Wear Properly Fitting Shoes With Arch Support […]

Meniscus Tear: What You Need to Know

The meniscus acts as a shock absorber between your thigh and shin bone. Its purpose is to stabilize your knee and cushion the joint. However, sudden, sharp twisting, turning movements, or decelerating too quickly can result in a meniscus tear. Awareness of the symptoms and signs can ensure you receive the proper treatment and fully recover. […]

Bunion Surgery: Is Treatment Necessary for a Bunion?

Those with bunions may be aware that the condition can become quite painful. Many people who have bunions struggle with joint issues due to overcompensating the pain they can cause. While bunion surgery is an effective option for relieving symptoms, some patients may wonder if it’s necessary, especially if they are not experiencing pain or other issues. […]

Can I Play Baseball Again After a Rotator Cuff Tear?

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles commonly used in sports such as football, tennis, and baseball. It is especially important for pitchers whose careers are based on their ability to throw quickly and accurately. Following a rotator cuff tear, one of the most common questions is whether the patient can play baseball again. Let’s look […]

What You Can Do To Prevent an ACL Injury

ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries are one of the most common injuries among athletes and non-athletes, with about one in 3500 people reporting an incidence in the US. The ACL is a ligament in the knee that allows for stabilization and quick movements such as twisting. Unfortunately, not only is this one of the most common […]

Why You Need To Get Your Bunion Treated Fast

A bunion, the bony bump formed on the outside of your big toe, can be painful by itself. Even if you can live with the pain, bunions shouldn’t be ignored. Aside from issues with mobility, discomfort, and the appearance of the big toe, bunions can cause greater harm to the foot and your overall mobility if […]
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