3 Unique Benefits of Swimming

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cardio workouts TXEveryone knows that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but if you have joint or knee injuries, it may not be very feasible. However, as one of the healthiest sports that you can do, swimming is almost always encouraged by our staff at Sports, Occupational & Knee Surgery. To learn more about how swimming can help you, we have created a list of three unique benefits. Read on to learn more.

It’s Good Cardio

Cardio workouts like running can be especially hard on your joints and are almost impossible to do if you’ve just had knee surgery. However, did you know that swimming is equally as good of a cardio workout? By helping increase blood circulation throughout your body, cardio workouts like swimming are good for your heart, joints, brain, and more.

It’s Easy on Joints

The biggest reason why we encourage our patients to swim is that it’s easy on your joints. Without you having to place any pressure on your knees, ankles, or arms— swimming will give you a great workout without any added strain.

It Strengthens Muscles

Have you ever noticed that Olympic swimmers had toned muscles? This isn’t just because they lift weights— it’s also a benefit of swimming laps. Because you are working against the water with every stroke you make, swimming is great at building muscle and getting rid of fat.

If you have just had knee surgery or have problematic joints, consider taking up swimming as your new favorite sport. Not only is swimming beneficial to your body but it’s also a great way to clear your mind and get rid of anxiety. To learn more about the benefits of swimming, contact Sports, Occupational & Knee Surgery today!

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