3 Warning Signs That You Have an Injury

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Sports Occupational Knee Surgery 3 Warming Signs of a Sports InjuryWhether you’re an avid runner or soccer player, you know that sports can wreak havoc on your joints and ligaments, causing you to be sore and sometimes uncomfortable. And although some soreness and discomfort are just a regular part of being an athlete, how can you tell when you are injured? From healing time to extreme swelling, this article will discuss three warning signs that your discomfort is out of the ordinary. Read on to learn more.

  • Healing Time

If you ran extra hard at practice or pushed yourself a little more at the gym, you can expect to feel a bit sore for a few days afterward. However, if your pain is getting worse and it isn’t decreasing as the days go on, then this is an indication that you have an injury. Your body works to recover itself from a workout, but when it’s injured, there isn’t much that it can do— leaving you feeling worse for the wear. Remember to listen to your body and take note of how long you have been in pain for and if the pain is getting worse, come in to see one of our experts.

  • Range of Motion

Another big indicator that you have an injury is a difference in your range of motion. For instance, are you unable to move your leg side-to-side or jump in the air like normal? Does it hurt when you do certain movements that you normally do? If so, you may have torn a ligament or joint which is preventing your body from moving like it normally does

  • Extreme Swelling

A little swelling after a big workout is relatively normal and will subside with some icing and Ibuprofen. However, if you notice any signs of extreme swelling, this is an indicator of an injury. To help combat the swelling, try to elevate the area, ice it, and take some Ibuprofen, if that doesn’t help come in to see one of our doctors.

When you’re an athlete, it can be hard to know when you’ve pushed yourself too hard or if you have an injury. However, by taking note of the signs to look for above, you can get the help you need without injuring yourself further. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Sports, Occupational & Knee Surgery today!



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