Are You a Good Candidate for Knee Replacement Surgery?

A surgeon examining a patient’s knee before a knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery becomes a consideration when debilitating pain and limited mobility significantly affect daily life. As the knees undergo wear and tear over time, conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or injuries may necessitate surgical intervention.

Recognizing the signs that you may need surgery can help you make the right decision and maintain your quality of life. 

When Do You Need Knee Replacement Surgery?

Surgeons may recommend knee replacement surgery when conservative treatments, such as medication, physical therapy, or lifestyle modifications, no longer provide adequate relief. 

Persistent pain, stiffness, swelling, and difficulty performing routine activities like walking or climbing stairs are indicators that you may need surgery. Moreover, X-rays revealing advanced joint damage or deformity further support the need for surgical procedures.

Are You a Good Candidate for Knee Replacement Surgery?

Being a suitable candidate for knee replacement surgery involves various factors. 

First, individuals should have realistic expectations about the surgery’s outcomes. They also need to be committed to post-operative care.

Good candidates generally experience significant pain and functional limitations despite conservative treatments. Moreover, they should be in generally good health, free from conditions that could complicate surgery or impede recovery, such as uncontrolled diabetes or obesity. 

Age is not necessarily a determining factor; rather, overall health and the ability to withstand surgery are more important considerations.

Candidates should have adequate bone quality and joint stability for successful implantation of the prosthetic knee. Psychological readiness and social support are also important, as the recovery process can be physically and emotionally demanding. 

Engaging in open communication with healthcare providers can be helpful. Then, you can thoroughly understand the procedure’s risks and benefits to make an informed decision.

Book Your Knee Replacement Surgery in Texas

If you find yourself struggling with persistent knee pain and limited mobility despite conservative treatments, knee replacement surgery could offer significant relief and make your everyday life better. 

Do you believe you may be a candidate for this procedure? Call us at (210) 696-9000 and schedule a consultation with Sports, Occupational & Knee Surgery. Our qualified orthopedic surgeon can help you navigate the process. 

Take the first step toward regaining mobility and reclaiming your active lifestyle.

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