Are you dealing with chronic knee pain?

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Arthritis is a condition that can cause chronic problems in the joints. Many patients with arthritis find that they can manage their condition easily with lifestyle changes and over-the-counter pain medications for inflammation. However, there comes a point where the pain associated with arthritis becomes chronic and significant. Some patients find that their quality of life has deteriorated, as arthritis can keep them from participating in hobbies and activities that they enjoy, such as walking, gardening, or playing the piano. Patients with arthritis in the knee may be significantly impacted as it can cause pain that makes it difficult to stay mobile. Patients with knee arthritis may experience slowing down in regular activities because of the pain it can cause. In situations such as this, the doctors at Sports, Occupational, and Knee Surgery may recommend a permanent solution such as partial or total knee replacement.

What happens during partial or total knee replacement?

Knee replacement has been a common procedure performed by orthopedics, and continues to be a successful treatment for patients with severe arthritis. During the procedure, a portion or all of the knee joint is replaced during a surgical procedure. When possible, we provide less invasive treatments with the use of arthroscopy, which lessens the trauma to the surrounding tissues, shortens recovery, and reduces the length of scars used to access the knee area. Patients can talk to their provider about what to expect during the healing process, including participation in physical therapy and the amount of time they need to take off of work and other activities.

Call our team to learn more about knee replacement options

When dealing with chronic knee pain, it is important to work with a dedicated provider that can offer effective treatment. At Sports, Occupational, and Knee Surgery, our doctors can assist patients in the area of San Antonio, TX with their joint needs. If you reside in the area and want to book an appointment at our facility, call (210) 696-9000 to request an appointment at our local practice location. We are here to serve new and established patients, and are ready to work with patients who are in need of pain relief and increased mobility.

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