How Can I Exercise If I’m Injured?

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Orthopedic Sports Medicine San Antonio, TX Staying put when you’re injured can be difficult, but it seems to be even harder in the summer. While everyone is out on the lake water skiing, swimming at the public pool, or even biking through Europe, sitting at home on the couch can be downright miserable. But, being sad about your injury won’t help time go by any more quickly. In fact, it might make you feel like your injury is taking even longer to heal. Keep your mind off your injury by getting out there in the fresh air, sitting by a campfire, or hitting the gym in a safe way. Keep reading to get some exercise tips for when you’re working around an injury.

Lower Back Injuries

Generally, swimming is a safe bet for those of us with lower back injuries. Avoid flip-turns and take it slow. Walking is also a great exercise to keep you moving, and the warmer weather will make it easier to take a loop around your neighborhood. If you want to feel the wind in your hair, recumbent bicycling can help you get your fix.

Knee and Leg Injuries

Working around a leg or knee injury means you’ll probably have to adapt in a big way. Forget about biking, running, and most team sports that require a lot of running, twisting, and jumping. If you’re open to doing something different, you’ll still be able to get a workout in, though. Lifting weights with your upper body can help burn that extra energy, and keep you working toward health goals. You might want to consider swimming too, but with a twist. Using a leg float to help keep your legs stable will also keep you from sinking as you swim.

Nothing is worse than feeling at a loss when you’re injured. Stay positive and try to be open to all options. After all, you might discover a love for some new kind of exercise! That walk around the neighborhood might become the highlight of your day, or your morning swim could become your new go-to fitness hack. If you’re itching to get moving again, but don’t know where to start, give us a call at (210) 696-9000 today to schedule a consultation.

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