Is your bunion causing irritation, pain, and discomfort?

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Are you tired of struggling with daily bunion pain? Do you find yourself bowing out of social activities or exercise because of the pain associated with your bunions? Are you ready to work with a medical professional to not only address discomfort but find a solution to chronic problems? If you are located in the area of San Antonio, TX and want to work with a professional in finding the best possible solution for your bunion pain, make an appointment today with Drs. Peter Holmes and Kathren McCarty.

What is a bunion?

Bunions are best described as the formation of a bone at the base of the foot that can disrupt proper foot alignment. This often results in the big toe turning inward towards the other toes on the foot. The bump that develops on the bottom of the big toe and along the side is called a bunion.

Who is at risk of developing bunions?

There are a few situations that may occur in which a patient will be at a higher risk of developing bunions. Bunions can develop:

  • In females who regularly wear tight shoes or high heels
  • In adults who have existing foot deformities
  • In those who have been diagnosed with arthritis
  • In patients who have one leg longer than another
  • In patients who have a family history of bunions or arthritis

How do I address bunions to reduce pain?

For most patients, changes to their shoes and lifestyle can reduce bunion pain and discomfort, including investing in wider shoes or special bunion pads and shoe inserts. For some patients, severe bunions may benefit from surgical intervention to shave them down and realign the big toe with a pin or screw.

Call Drs. Peter Holmes and Kathren McCarty today!

Patients of the area of San Antonio, TX are strongly encouraged to work with a doctor to address conditions such as bunions, especially when they become severe enough to cause extended, chronic pain. Call (210) 696-9000 today to request a consultation visit with our team and get started learning what can be done to manage your condition. Our practices are always welcoming new patients seeking comprehensive care for sports and physical injuries.

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