It’s All About Balance!

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Balance is an important, yet often overlooked, part of being a successful athlete – but it is also an important part of staying healthy, even for those who don’t play any sports at all. Good balance can help prevent injuries no matter your age or activity level.  

What causes good balance?

Good balance is achieved when different systems in the body work together. It takes coordination between the vestibular system (the inner ear and the fluid within), the visual system, and proprioceptors (the sensors on the joints and tendons that communicate with the brain and the muscles) to have good balance, but another important part is having strong and resilient muscles.

How can I improve my balance?

Even athletes who have been in training for years can use a brush up on their balancing skills. However, if you aren’t a super-star athlete with access to thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment, you can still find ways to improve your balance. “Cross-training” (that is, trying a variety of different activities just to get out of your comfort zone) can help. Even just practicing standing on one leg and then the other and maintaining good posture throughout the day can help with your balance. But exercises to develop the upper body and core strength are important, too. These can include wall push-ups, “wheelbarrows,” handstands (using a wall for support), crunches on an exercise ball, and even playing hopscotch with eyes open or closed. 

Having good balance helps the body to react and change direction quickly in the heat of a game and it can even help to prevent injuries. It also leads to better coordination and control over the body – and isn’t that what being an athlete is all about? Even better, developing good balance is an easy thing to do, with just a bit of extra time taken to work on balancing skills before a workout. 

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