When to Not Shrug It Off: 3 Signs You Have a Shoulder Injury

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Shoulder Arthroscopy San Antonio, TXGoing in to get a massage is a great way to break up the lactic acid in your muscles and quite literally take a load off. However, sometimes getting a massage just isn’t as calming as you would have liked— leaving you feeling in more pain than when you went in in the first place. If you thought that you had sore shoulders due to stress but realize that you may have a shoulder injury, this article is for you. This article will list the symptoms of an injured shoulder and how it compares to one that is sore and can be massaged out. Read on to learn more.

Sound Machine

If your shoulder is making more sounds than a sound machine itself, you know you have an injury. One of the biggest symptoms of an injured shoulder— other than pain— is that it will make popping, clicking, and clanking sounds when you shrug it or try to rub it. These sounds usually mean that something is out of place and needs to be either surgically repaired or needs ample time to heal.


If you are like most people, you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Your stress, anxiety, and even children rest on your shoulders— leaving you feeling a bit sore. However, if you have started to notice a weak feeling in your shoulders that leaves you with the inability to do simple tasks, then this is another indication of an injury. Luckily, muscle weakness can typically be repaired with physical therapy alone.

Severe Pain

As previously mentioned, it can sometimes be hard for patients to differentiate between sore shoulders and an actual shoulder injury. When you have sore muscles, you usually experience dull, aching pain. However, if you are experiencing severe pain when you lift your arms over your shoulders or when you go to throw a ball, this is a sign of an injury. To help ease the pain until you come into our office, try taking an over-the-counter medication like Ibuprofen.

As the most common injury that baseball players get, a shoulder injury is beyond painful but sometimes can be hard to identify. From listening to the sound to identifying any weakness, these three symptoms will help you. To learn more about shoulder injuries or to schedule an examination, contact Sports, Occupational & Knee Surgery today!

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