Signs that it may be time to consider joint replacement

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Drs. Peter Holmes and Kathren McCarty of San Antonio and Schertz, TX are committed to helping patients achieve better overall health and wellness with sports medicine and orthopedic care. Patients who are faced with troubling joints such as the hip, knee, or shoulder may be dealing with daily pain and the inability to perform activities they once enjoyed such as gardening. For many patients, there is a point when joint replacement may be recommended. Even when a doctor recommends joint replacement, it is critical for patients to do their research to determine if it is time. Patients should carefully weigh the risks and rewards of joint replacement before agreeing to move forward with major surgery. Patients will also be educated by the team of about the recovery and rehabilitation needed to get back to daily activities with reduced pain.

Is it time for joint replacement?

There are a few questions patients should ask their doctor when discussing the possibility of joint replacement surgery. Below are a few of the signs that a patient may be in need of surgery to address their concerns. Signs include:

  • Inability to complete routine and daily tasks and hobbies without assistance
  • Dealing with significant pain that cannot be alleviated with rest, medication, or non-surgical approaches
  • Less complicated or non-surgical treatments no longer helping with pain or range of motion
  • Osteoarthritis that is wearing the patient down emotionally and physically
  • Medications that cause severe side effects that outweigh the reasons for use
  • Significant joint damage or late-stage arthritis

When patients are faced with one or more of the above situations, it may be time to seriously consider the benefits of joint replacement surgery. If joint replacement is a possible solution to a patient’s needs, they will need to determine the best professional for the job. With years of combined experience, Drs. Peter Holmes and Kathren McCarty can provide quality care and safe, effective surgery.

Considering joint replacement?

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