Start the New Year Right With an Exercise Program

man practicing Matsyendrasana known as Lord of Fishes Pose in yogaIs it your New Year’s resolution to exercise more? Exercise is so important for both your mental and physical health, but it can feel very overwhelming when you are just starting – and feeling overwhelmed can lead to quitting before you even get your tennis shoes on.

Here are some tips for beginning an exercise routine, both to avoid injury and to keep you motivated.

Don’t Push Yourself

You don’t have to work out until you are exhausted and dripping with sweat to reap the benefits of exercise. Being consistent with exercise is more important than doing intense exercise.

Get the Right Support

If you are taking a class at a gym but you feel you aren’t getting enough support from the staff, don’t be afraid to switch classes until you find an instructor who gives you the right guidance (and even encouragement).

Find Something You Enjoy Doing

There’s nothing that says you can’t have fun while you exercise, and, of course, you are more likely to stick with an exercise if you are enjoying yourself! There are so many options out there – don’t give up if you haven’t found the right one for you yet.

See Your Doctor

If you have any doubts as to whether you are healthy enough for the exercise program you choose, discuss it with your doctor first.

Start Slow

Don’t jump into intense exercise right away. Start with a low-intensity exercise for a short time each day – walking for 5 minutes twice a day 5 days per week is a good way to start exercising if you aren’t used to a lot of activity.

Prepare Yourself

Don’t just go right into your new routine. It is important to warm up your muscles before exercise and cool down afterward. It gets your blood pumping, reduces the risk that you’ll be sore, and gets your muscles safely stretched out.

Wear the Right Gear

You should especially find the right shoes – it is hard to keep up with your new exercise program if your feet are in pain!

Did you overdo it with your new exercise routine? Sports Occupational and Knee Surgery in San Antonio, TX, can help. Call (210) 696-9000 for an appointment today!

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