The Dangers of Inactivity

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We all need some downtime now and then, and no one can blame you if you don’t want to do too much on a Saturday after a hard week’s work. However, there are a variety of reasons why you shouldn’t go overboard on the couch potato routine – for one thing, it can end up causing pain. If you need any more motivation for getting up off that couch, read on!

What lack of exercise can do

Your muscles and joints love to move! And when they don’t get the chance, they become weaker and weaker. Runners sometimes discover this if they take some time off; when they return to running they may find that the knee joint is so weak it causes pain.

People who suffer with joint pain because of arthritis can benefit from movement, as well. You may think that you would be better off resting when your arthritis is bad, but this can actually make the situation worse. Without movement, arthritic knees may not be able to bear your weight, which results in more pain. Lack of movement also results in less stability, which can increase your risk of injury and make exercise even more difficult.

Being sedentary can also lead to weight gain, which is not only bad for your circulatory system but is also bad for your joints. It is estimated that for every extra pound you gain, the pressure on your knees increases by about 4 pounds. And, lack of movement can also lead to weak bones and osteoporosis.

You don’t have to run a marathon every weekend to stay healthy, though. Little things like taking the stairs at work or parking the car way out in the parking lot and then walking to your destination can make a big difference.

Sure, take some time to relax and binge watch your favorite show, but get a bit of exercise, too! If you have been noticing pain, whether it is when you are moving or sitting, it may be time to visit a doctor. Contact Sports Occupational and Knee Surgery in San Antonio, TX, for an appointment. Call (210) 696-9000 today!

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