Understanding rotator cuff injuries

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When shoulder pain develops, it can impact patients in many different ways. It can make the simplest tasks difficult to complete, and can result in discomfort that can become unbearable. Simple tasks such as brushing your hair or changing clothes can bring about pain. In situations such as this, patients will want to seek the assistance of an orthopedic professional to ensure they do not have a tear or other injury that has occurred to the rotator cuff of the shoulder.

What causes a rotator cuff injury?

The rotator cuff is a series of tendons that cover the top of the humerus, or the upper arm bone. These fibrous tissues are used to help in the raising and rotating of the arm. For many men and women, a tear is caused by an injury, repeated motions, or even just wear and tear associated with age. Some patients also develop a rotator cuff injury due to athletic sports, a car accident, or even falling. Regardless of how it occurs, proper evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment is encouraged to restore function without pain.

What are the symptoms of a rotator cuff injury?

Some patients with rotator cuff tears may not exhibit symptoms, though those that do may notice the following concerns:

  • Limited range of motion of the shoulder
  • Difficulty performing tasks where the shoulder rotates or raises
  • Dull or aching pain in the shoulder
  • Problems sleeping due to pain in the affected shoulder
  • Weakness in the arms

Ready to learn more about rotator cuff repair?

At Sports, Occupational, and Knee Surgery of San Antonio and Schertz, TX, we understand how shoulder injuries can impact your daily quality of life. If you are in need of rotator cuff repair from a tear or rupture, it is important that you work with a professional that has years of experience in addressing orthopedic issues. Call our doctors today at (210) 696-9000 to request an appointment at any one of their two conveniently located facilities to discuss your options. We accept new and current patients considering the best in orthopedic care in the community.

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