What to expect during recovery following knee replacement

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When patients are experiencing problems with their knees that become severe enough for surgery, they may be wondering what they can expect from these procedures. In many instances, patients may be good candidates for knee replacement surgery. While the idea of replacing the knee joint sounds scary, it is actually a routine procedure performed by Dr. Peter Holmes in San Antonio, TX. This procedure is one way to address severe pain levels that cannot be improved with physical therapy or pain medications.

What can I expect after my knee replacement surgery?

Patients in Texas who are scheduling their knee replacement surgery may have questions about the procedure itself, as well as what to expect during the recovery period. This information is helpful in assisting a patient in scheduling their appointment and setting aside time off of work, school, and other activities to properly heal. With knee replacement surgery, most patients will be in the hospital for one or two days. Patients with reduced mobility may need to stay longer. In most cases, patients are sent home for further rest and support, while patients who need extra attention or who do not have support available at home to rehabilitate may be transferred from the hospital to a specialized rehabilitation center.

Physical therapy following knee replacement surgery

Keeping the joint mobile is incredibly important to proper healing. Patients may have inpatient or outpatient physical therapy after their procedure, typically starting within a week. During these rehabilitative exercises, patients will be educated on how to strengthen the knee, improve their range of motion, and walk with assistive walking devices such as canes and walkers until they are fully recovered. With physical therapy, the patient will build both their strength and flexibility so they can walk without devices in the near future.

Learn more about knee replacement surgery

If you feel it is time to undergo knee replacement surgery, Dr. Peter Holmes can help educate you about the process required for the best results. Call (210) 696-9000 to schedule an appointment at any one of the two locations in Schertz and San Antonio, TX.

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