When might I consider hip replacement?

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At Sports, Occupational, and Knee Surgery, San Antonio, TX area patients have access to a wide range of sports and orthopedic medicine solutions for improving the health and function of the body. Whether patients have experienced an injury to the hip or are struggling with pain caused by arthritis, there may be a time when our doctors might suggest the benefits of undergoing hip replacement surgery.

What conditions might warrant hip replacement surgery?

There are many reasons why a patient might consider having hip replacement surgery. Patients dealing with some of the following problems may be a proper candidate for treatments:

  • Dislocated hip bones
  • Chronic hip pain which fails all conservative care
  • Bursitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis plus all other inflammatory diseases
  • Hip bone fractures
  • Tumors

When patients are no longer able to control the pain with physical therapy or prescription pain management medications or injections, they may be a desirable candidate for hip replacement surgery with Drs. Peter Holmes.

What happens during hip replacement surgery?

Hip replacement surgery is an invasive procedure that is performed for treating pain and lost motion in the hip. The original hip joint is replaced with a prosthetic. During the procedure, an incision is made in the skin to allow the doctor access. Patients can also ask about a minimally invasive hip replacement surgery that requires two smaller incisions instead. Asking the doctor about other alternatives and if patients are a proper candidates are ways to learn more.

Most patients will require a minimal lateral incision if they have waited as many patients have and then need concurrent torn muscle repairs. Most operative times are under an hour which remarkably decreases infection rates and blood clots!

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