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Sports Occupational & Knee Surgery, P.A. provides all aspects of podiatry care to all age groups. We are a premier provider of Podiatry Services in San Antonio, TX.

What Are Some Of The Conditions With The Feet And Lower Legs That Are Treated By A Podiatrist?

At Sports Occupational & Knee Surgery we are experts in sports medicine, the injuries, and conditions that arise from training and sports participation. Overall, these are areas we specialize in:

Podiatry is an important aspect of the services we provide at Sports Occupational & Knee Surgery, but it is an area of medicine that is a mystery to many people.

Simply put, Podiatry is the branch of medicine devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, and study of medical disorders of the foot, ankle, and structures of the lower leg. In layman’s terms a foot doctor. At Sports Occupational & Knee Surgery, we manage the effect that the foot has on the entire body, as well as the body’s effect on the feet. We believe that healthy foot function is paramount to good posture, which comes into play throughout the human kinetic chain. We believe in team care with a holistic outlook.

At Sports Occupational & Knee Surgery, Dr. Kathren McCarty directs our podiatry care. She is trained in the latest surgical advances in both internal and external fixation, minimally invasive techniques, and arthroscopy. Read Dr. McCarty’s credentials as one of San Antonio’s most qualified foot doctors.

See What Our Patients Are Saying:

“Dr Kathren McCarty is absolutely wonderful. Turned a chronic foot condition into something wonderful through her expertise and precise surgery. Highly recommend!” -Douglas R.

“After months of suffering from pain, swelling, and an unknown infection in my foot, Dr. Kathren McCarty recommended surgery. Although this was during the pandemic, she made sure I was in good hands at the hospital where she performed the surgery. I’m thankful she moved quickly because she learned that I not only had a staphylocococcal infection, there was also a foreign object in my foot that was not detected by the MRI, x-rays, and sonogram. The surgery was a success and I am happy to finally be back on my feet again! Dr. McCarty was very professional, knowledgeable, and available when I needed her help while recovering at home after the surgery. I recommend her if you are in need of a great doctor! Y”

Does Dr. McCarty (and podiatrists in general) perform surgery?

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Podiatric surgery is a specialty within the field of podiatry. Dr. McCarty is an expert in the surgical treatment of conditions affecting the feet and lower legs. The goal is to return functionality of the foot and ankle areas. These surgeries can be in response to joint and ligament issues, as well as congenital deformities. Before moving onto any operation (except in the case of emergencies, of course), Dr. McCarty first exhausts all more conservative treatment approaches. Call to schedule an appointment with Dr. McCarty, one of the most foremost respected Podiatrists in not only San Antonio, but also the nation.

Does Sports Occupational & Knee Surgery specialize in podiatric sports medicine?

Sports Podiatry is a specialty of Dr. McCarty. It involves having extensive experience in the diagnosis of foot and lower limb problems as they relate to overuse and sports injuries. Sports podiatry at Sports Occupational & Knee Surgery covers two areas: foot and lower limb chronic overuse injuries, and mechanical performance enhancement to attempt to minimize future injuries. These are some areas of focus:

  • Joint mobilization
  • Advanced biomechanical assessments
  • Soft tissue manipulation
  • Advanced functional orthotic therapy
  • Exercise rehabilitation

When Should I See a Podiatrist?

Experiencing foot pain can often be mistaken for simple pain that can heal on its own, especially if you work on your feet all day, are extremely active, or feel aches and pains throughout your body frequently. However, there are several tell-tale signs that may indicate that your foot pain could be related to a more serious health condition.

Visiting a podiatrist can help analyze your symptoms, determine your condition, and prevent worsening pain. If you experience any of these symptoms, visit a podiatrist immediately:

  • Foot pain that does not disappear after rest
  • Swelling ankles
  • Thick or discolored toenails
  • Cracks or cuts in the skin on your feet
  • Growths or warts on your feet
  • Scaling or peeling on the soles of your feet
  • Difficulty standing or walking

What Can I Expect During My Consultation?

Your first consultation with Dr. Holmes will involve an analysis of your current condition. He will ask about any symptoms you are experiencing, where exactly on your foot you may feel pain, and other questions to help him determine the best treatment plan for you. During your consultation, Dr. Holmes may ask you about the following:

  • If you’ve suffered from an injury
  • Your range of motion
  • If you’ve had any previous surgeries
  • If you have any other health conditions, such as diabetes
  • If you are physically active
  • If you have undergone physical therapy for your foot pain

To best prepare for your podiatrist consultation, you may write down your symptoms or any causes you’ve noticed that contribute to your foot pain. Wearing comfortable clothing to your first visit will help ease access to your legs and feet. Your consultation will also be the perfect time to ask Dr. Holmes any concerns or questions you may have regarding treatment for your foot pain.

What Can I Do To Take Care Of My Feet?

These are some steps we recommend at Sports Occupational & Knee Surgery to keep your feet healthy:

  • Check your feet every day for cuts, blisters, swelling, and red spots.
  • Wash your feet every day.
  • Mind your diabetes so that it doesn’t affect your circulation to your feet.
  • Apply lotion daily on the tops and bottoms, but not between the toes.
  • Smooth corns and calluses with a pumice stone.
  • Keep your toenails in line.
  • Wear shoes when walking outside.
  • Keep the blood flowing to your feet by wiggling your toes and ankles for five minutes twice a day, and put your feet up when sitting.
  • Be more active.

Dr. Peter Holmes and his professional staff at Sports, Occupational and Knee Surgery in San Antonio, TX will help guide you towards the best treatment for you and will follow you through to full recovery. Call (210) 696-9000 today for a podiatry appointment at either our San Antonio or Schertz location.

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