Sports, Occupational & Knee Surgery is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 59 ratings.

Dr. Holmes recently performed a knee replacement on my 83 year old mother. He did and amazing job and was incredible in his moral support and encouragement during her recovery. He is an outstanding doctor.

Carlos Serna

A great guy, a great professional, and a humble human. I’m extremely thankful to this man and everything he did for me. I’m the first skateboarder he worked with, and he did an incredible job. My knee is pretty strong and stable even with two surgeries, same knee. I totally recommended him to everyone.


I had the privilege of seeing Dr Kathryn McCarty. It was my first visit, they were true to their schedule and I didn’t have to wait for my appointment. Dr. McCarty is amazing and extremely thorough. The entire staff was warm, courteous and accommodating and most importantly knowledgeable. I had no surprises at the end of my visit with procedures or xray cost that my insurance didn’t cover, which was awesome!! Definitely recommend this practice!

Ronda Marrs Holt

Great experience with Dr Holmes. He listened and made great recommendations. He hasn’t tried to rush me into a knee replacement
As an added bonus he has a great sense of humor.

Cathy Durst Holmes

Great experience with Dr Holmes. He listened and made great recommendations. He hasn’t tried to rush me into a knee replacement As an added bonus he has a great sense of humor.


Dr. Holmes performed knee surgery on both of my knees and 2 1/2 months later able to walk a mile and a half!! I was never able to it before with all the pain. I was at 295 lbs at the time of surgery and now that I’m able to exercise, I’m down 10 pounds in 2 weeks! I thank him so very much!! Many more pounds to go, but now with no pain!

Anntoinette Hislove Perkins-Jenkins

twas my first meeting Dr Holmes, upon referral from a new neighbor/friend who highly recommended him due to her having him do her orthoscopic knee surgery several years ago. like her, I found Dr Holmes to be very approachable, warm, likeable and forthcoming in his assessment(s), recommendations and prognosis. His entire team was very professional, yet also seemed very compassionate and patient centered. Plus, he said I do Not need surgery, only cortisone shot and stretching exercises. He gave me both, the shot and a simple exercise booklet!

Varria La Vie Kendricks

I have had bad knees for 56 years. Dr. Holmes has made me whole again. He did my first knee replacement and suggested I wait to do the second as the replacement knee may be able to compensate for the other knee I may be able to postpone or even alleviate the second knee replacement, he was right. Five surgeries over 45 years, five doctors. Hands down I prefer And for the small minded person who is complaining about his political views, I sure he has experienced much more than you and has a more educated opinion.(I hope you have to live with “Obama Care.)

James McCulloch

Although we like Dr. McCarty, we will be finding a new Dr. The staff is so confused and point fingers at each other will a problem approaches. We have gotten the complete runaround for 2 weeks. Apparently there are 3 new employees and I hope Naomi isn’t one of them, because they need to reconsider that choice. She is the rudest, most unprofessional receptionist I have encountered in a very long time. She is the reason we are moving elsewhere. Not only were we interrupted on multiple occasions, but put on hold mid sentence twice, over talked, chuckled at and thrown the worst attitude. Good luck with this one Dr’s.

Laura Ybarra

What a wonderful doctor!

Olga Garcia

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