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He is so understanding and makes u feel like family , very social , great bed side manners


Dr. Peter Holmes is an excellent Orthopedic Surgeon. He gave my life back when he did my knee replacements. I will forever be thankful to him for recommending it..It took me a couple of years of pain before I listened to him…Now I am free of pain and I can’t thank him enough for doing such a great job..I recommend Dr. Holmes to anyone who wants to enjoy life again and get rid of your pain…Thanks again, Dr. Holmes and God bless you and your staff…

May Calara Reed

Extremely knowledgeable doctor
Love his personality


A great guy, a great professional and a humble human. I’m extremely thankful with this man and everything he did for me.
I made a video dedicated to Dr Peter Holmes, I’m the first skateboarder he worked with, and he did an incredible job. My knee is pretty strong and stable even with to surgeries, same knee. I totally recommended him to everyone.
Here’s the little clip before turning the year.

Brian Nerik Rodriguez

Dr Holmes is the only Orthopedic Surgeon I will ever recommend!!! He is an outstanding doctor and surgeon and former employer of mine. He has done two of my surgeries and he also preformed a total knee replacement on my grandmother. I will always be grateful to Dr. Holmes for helping through my two injuries and getting me back to new!!!

CristalandChon Telles

Me and my family love this team of doctors. They are both friendly and very knowledgeable. I recommend them without hesitation.
Getting an injection is never something anyone would like. Thank you Dr Holmes for distracting this drama queen while you gave me the knee shot. !

Elizabeth Rosa

I love his optimistic personality! He has always fixed the joints that weren’t working correctly. I’m sure this time that will be true as well. It’s a very well run office with capable friendly staff. I’d recommend Dr Holmes to anyone.

Rhonda McDougle Riley

Dr. Holmes is the best in my book & I believe I have the experience to say this. I’ve had two Double Lateral Bunionectomies, 2 Knee Replacements, that had to be done 5 times by 3 different doctors before I could walk without pain. My R knee was done twice & L Knee 4 times. Finally I had to have a R Hip replacement & went to see Dr. Holmes. It was done & all was well. Today I had to go back to him for my L Hip & my husband mentioned my hands & wrists were very sore. I couldn’t lift a pan & I couldn’t write without my hands hurting. I have lost all the cartridge in my joints. He gave me two injections in my wrists after X-Rays. My wrists & hands seem to feel better for now. I’m looking at another Hip Replacement on my L Hip shortly. HE WILL DO IT.
One Hell of a Doctor. Caring, happy, funny, & if more physicians had his attitude & bedside manner the Medical Field would be in a better place.
My brother in law had him do two hip replacements & referred him to former work buddies. Dr. peter Holmes, you ROCK. By the way, I’m 78 years young & am retired from working in the Medical Field. Doctors like Peter Holmes are hard to find. God Bless Him.

Romaine Ringler Moran

I did a ton of research before I decided to let someone work on my body, and I’m so glad I chose Dr Holmes! He has become my doctor and my friend. He did a total knee replacement on me in 2009, a total knee replacement on my other knee in 2011, and when I fell over a baby gate and shredded my quad tendon in 2012, he repaired that for me also. He does amazing work and I would never let another orthopedic surgeon touch me. I always have faith that he can fix what’s wrong and make it all better with his attitude at the same time. God bless him!!

Debbie Williams Hansen

Excellent doctor. Caring and does lots of free work for local schools.
Great clinic. One of the very best.


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