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I saw Dr. Holmes name on this list and it took me back to 1990. I suppose that would make it his 5th year of practice. He was so wonderful to me. I was a child gymnast and he treated me for a stress fracture of the top of my foot. He also did surgery on my dads shattered elbow. Years later he was able to help me on a knee issue. Unfortunately my insurance didn’t cover with him and I got the 3 surgeries elsewhere. I have had knee problems ever since. I wish I had used him to help with my knee. I was told today I would need a knee replacement in the next few years and I am only mid-30’s. You bet I will be calling him this time!!! I have nothing but great things to say about Dr, Holmes as a Dr and a person. Haven’t seen him in over 10 years but I hope he is doing well. And I hope this review helps!


After having a total knee replacement and I am very pleased with the results of healing and being able to finally use my knee once again. I can walk down steps without having to turn sideways to get down them. Dr. Holmes office responded to my needs when I called for refills and the knee healed up very well from the incision. I would highly recommend Dr. Holmes to anyone needing knee surgery.


I Had Total Knee Replacement Surgery. Right Knee in August 2013 and then the Left Knee in December 2013. Made the process easy, not alot of paperwork or anything to do for pre operation or post operation. Took very good care of me. Surgery was quick and recover too. No problems or complaints and highly recommend Dr. Holmes and his office. Dr. Holmes is a miracle worker, because my legs / knees were super bad. I am 70 years old and the surgery has added years to my life and mobility for sure. Dr. Holmes is an expert surgeon and has many years of knowledge and surgery experience, that you can trust and rest assured that there will be no problems on his end with any care or procedures. The best in my book. Thanks.


I suffered a running injury and it was originally thought that I suffered from a stress fracture. I was told not to run for almost 3 months. After three months, the same pain in my lower left leg returned. I was referred to Dr. Holmes. I had a fascial tear and had a fasciotomy. I am completely pain free! It has been almost a year since the pain began and it feels so good to be able to run again. His staff as well, have been very kind and courteous. I am so thankful to have had such a great experience with Dr. Holmes.


He is the best in his field and did an excellent job on reconstructing my ACL!

Maria Stewart-Tucker

Five Stars

Jennifer Ybarra Mora

Had total knee replacement and definitely recommend Dr. Holmes for that.

Phil Skinner

Five Stars

Singh Honey

Five Stars

Moi Jeon

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