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I have been under the care of Dr. Holmes since 2009, receiving treatment for various injuries including those to my shoulder, hamstring, and knee, culminating in two surgeries. Specifically, I underwent shoulder surgery on July 23rd and a knee replacement in December 2023, both expertly performed by Dr. Holmes. My gratitude towards him knows no bounds. Following his guidance diligently during my recovery period has yielded remarkable results. My shoulder is now stronger than ever, and at eight weeks post-op for my knee, I can confidently say it feels better than it has in the past eight years. Not only is Dr. Holmes an exceptional surgeon, but he is also a compassionate individual with a remarkable heart. I must also extend my appreciation to his entire team, particularly Bobby and Robin, for their exceptional care and warm demeanor throughout my treatment. Craig Miller
Craig Miller
Jimmy Simth
Doctor Holmes is the best at dealing with full knee replacement. He did my first knee replacement in 2016 and the procedure and therapy went very well. I decided to have him work on my other knee replacement in 2017. Now I just do my yearly follow up to have my knees X-rayed and all is fine. Thank you Dr. Holmes!
Leo Losoya
I have been going to see dr holmes for some time now and he is the best dr I have ever been to. His care for me and my wife is amazing and his bedside manner is awesome! Thanks doctor
Brian Durkin
Dr. Holmes and staff are the Best in San AntonioTexas
Stacey Fairbanks
I have had both of my knees replaced by Dr Holmes, and the results have been excellent. As a plus size female, I was concerned with having less than positive results, however, now I recommend Dr Holmes to anyone of my friends who needs knee surgery. The care I received was/is excellent.
Yolanda Uranga
Dr. Holmes replaced both my knees a year apart and I am so happy to no longer have the intense pain I had before the surgeries. Dr Holmes, in my opinion, is the best!
Ruben Cuellar
Dr. Holmes did a total knee replacement for me and I was back to 100% in two months. I work in the oilfield and do a lot of walking on rocks, and un level surfaces, and have been surprised at little the recovery time is. His staff is very professional, and caring. My hospital stay @ Methodist Texan Hospital was not even 24 hours, and the staff there took very good care of me. Thank you Dr. Peter F. Holmes.
Tommy Osborne
Two years ago I went to Dr. Peter Holmes because I had pain in both knees. I am so glad that he told me he would do knee replacement on my right knee because it was worse than the left knee. He also told me that the left knee would be better after my surgery and rehab. He was right. I just had my 2 year checkup last month and I told him I’m completely out of pain on both knees. Thank you Dr. Holmes. All I can say is I don’t recommend getting surgery on both knees at the same time! So glad that I took his advice!
Carol Clark
Lets be honest, when it comes to surgeons, many times, the choice of which surgeon to use is made by someone other than the patient. Furthermore, many patients have limited knowledge about the surgery that they are about to or already have undergone. So, when it comes to reviewing a surgeon, it really comes down to how that surgeon made you feel. But, is that opinion really of any value to a potential review reader? So, let me tell you why I think you should choose Dr Holmes, based upon my personal observations. Dr Holmes has literally performed thousands of these surgeries. He has strong opinions and policies that he adheres to, based upon that experience. An example of that is when he told me both my knees were in poor shape. I requested that he repair both at the same time. He simply said No. He offered a couple of reasons why that wasnt a good idea in my case. Now that the first knee has been replaced, I cannot imagine having had both knees replaced at once. During my recovery, there was a period where simply moving that right knee a few inches was extremely difficult. I had to rely on the other knee to fill the gaps. Dr Holmes was absolutely correct. There are other examples, but, you get the point. In summary, I cant speak to the many years of education that it takes to become a surgeon. I dont understand the processes that took place to repair this knee. What I can say is my knee is repaired. The process followed the exact plan that Dr Holmes laid out for me from the beginning, and I am looking forward to the next knee. He was extremely honest. He was compassionate. He was firm about the exact steps we would follow from beginning to end. Isnt that what one would expect from a person who is taking your life into his hands for a period.
Jonathan Rivers

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