ACL Tears & Injuries: What You Need To Know

ACL reconstruction

Knee injuries are very common for those who play high level competitive sports. One injury that occurs frequently in the knee relates to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Tearing or injuring the ACL will most likely require ACL reconstruction surgery as well as rehab in order to return to full function and movement. 

Every tear and level of injury will vary from person to person, and every person recovers at different speeds post surgery. ACL reconstruction surgery will repair the ligament in the knee and help you feel almost like new again.

How Does An ACL Injury Happen?

Believe it or not, it does not take much pressure for the ACL to tear. It can be injured or damaged typically while twisting or turning out of the knees normal range of motion. ACL tears and injuries can also occur from:

  • Irregular landing from a jump
  • Quick change in directional
  • Stopping suddenly

These situations can lead to an ACL tear or injury as it puts a lot of weight and stress on the knee, potentially causing the ACL to rupture. There are different types of tears and degrees which range from grade 1 to grade 3. 

Is Surgery Needed For An ACL Tear?

While the other ligaments and tendons in the knee can sometimes heal on their own, the ACL does not. For a full tear, ACL reconstruction is needed in order to return to full mobility and function. For this, a graft is needed, which can be taken out of the hamstring or patella tendon. 

Hamstring tendon grafts are seen as a quicker fix, but are not as strong as a patella tendon graft. While a patella tendon graft takes longer to heal and solidify, studies have shown that it is typically stronger and more sturdy than a hamstring graft. 

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