Bunion Surgery: Is Treatment Necessary for a Bunion?


Those with bunions may be aware that the condition can become quite painful. Many people who have bunions struggle with joint issues due to overcompensating the pain they can cause. While bunion surgery is an effective option for relieving symptoms, some patients may wonder if it’s necessary, especially if they are not experiencing pain or other issues. Here, we’ll look at some common problems that can occur when bunions are left untreated.

Are Untreated Bunions a Problem?

Sometimes, people can live their entire lives with bunions and not experience any ill effects. For others, this is not the case. Your care provider will talk with you about their concerns if you decide to forgo bunion surgery. If you opt not to have bunion surgery, these are some possible complications that can occur:

Crossover Toe

Untreated bunions can cause the second toe to cross over the big toe. Eventually, this causes the second toe to dislocate and can lead to mobility issues, making it difficult or impossible to wear many types of shoes.

Difficulty Walking

When you have bunions, your foot’s natural motion is forced to change. As the bunion continues to grow, this can worsen. Bunions affect the way a person walks and can make it difficult to remain balanced. This can also make falls more likely, especially in older adults.


When you walk abnormally due to bunions, inflammation grows in the foot. This places pressure on the metatarsal bones, causing the middle joints of your toes to bend abnormally, eventually leading to hammertoes.

Schedule a Bunion Surgery Consultation at Sports, Occupational, & Knee Surgery

While you can choose to ignore a bunion, it could lead to other complications down the road. That’s why we highly recommend bunion surgery, whether you’re experiencing symptoms or not.

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