Knee Pain? It Could Be a Meniscus Tear

meniscus tear The menisci are cartilage cushions in your knee that can tear or be injured through use. Often, a tear is accompanied by severe pain, but in some instances, you may be able to walk, run, and move without noticing anything more than discomfort. Here’s how to know you have a meniscus tear and what to do about it.

Why Some Tears Don’t Hurt 

The severity of symptoms for a meniscus tear depends on the size of the tear. Smaller tears, where the injury is just localized to a small part of the meniscus itself and not affecting other knee tissue or ligaments, may result in mild discomfort.

Can You Walk With a Meniscus Tear

Depending on the severity of your tear, it may be possible to walk, run, and move with a meniscus tear. If you did not register your tear at the time of injury, you may be living with a tear without realizing it. Some common meniscus tear symptoms are:

  • Swelling
  • Knee discomfort
  • Knee pain that is worsened with bending or twisting of the knee
  • ‘Locked’ knee where moving the knee does not feel possible

These symptoms may not be ones you experience depending on the size of your meniscus tear.

Do You Need Surgery? 

Not always. In some instances, your doctor may recommend rest, allowing the body to recover itself. However, without knowing the severity of your injury, it can be difficult to tell.

That is why it’s important for you to visit a doctor, if you’ve been experiencing prolonged knee pain or discomfort. Even if your knee pain or discomfort is not due to a tear, your doctor can help start a treatment plan for you to live pain free.

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