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Podiatry San Antonio, TXYou may not give much thought to your socks beyond style and color, but these little accessory gems can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your favorite outdoor activities this spring. As a podiatry specialist, Dr. McCarty works with patients of all ages who suffer from foot problems. Believe it or not, choosing the right socks for your lifestyle may help alleviate injuries to your feet, legs, hips and back. Your socks also protect your feet from odor, fungus, abnormal toenail growth, listers and much more. So, let’s talk socks!

Material is Not Immaterial

Cotton may not be the best option for your feet. Modern synthetic materials are designed to wick away moisture, which helps keep your feet dry and comfy. Many manufacturers have developed advanced synthetic blends specifically for athletes and others who live very active lifestyles. They also make lines of dress socks.

Padding Anyone?

Have you ever spent a day on your feet while wearing thin socks with little to no support? Under these conditions, even the highest quality, most luxurious shoes feel unbearable. Padded socks give your feet a little extra cushion just where you need it, and it reduces pressure on the bones and other soft tissues. At a minimum, look for socks that have padding on the ball of the foot and heel. If you wear boots, you should also look for extra cushion in the ankle area. Your feet will be so happy at the end of the day!

Aroma or Odor?

If you suffer from excessive foot odor, there are some options available that help keep the offensive aroma at bay. Look for socks that are designed with antimicrobial and odor reducing blends. Some of these socks are also available for each season to help your feet adapt to changing temperatures and humidity levels.

Find Out If Your Socks Helping or Hurting Your Feet. Contact Sports, Occupational and Knee Surgery.

Contact Sports, Occupational and Knee Surgery to schedule an appointment with Dr. McCarty at Sports, Occupational and Knee Surgery to learn how your socks affect your feet. You can also find our about our knee replacement, shoulder arthroscopy, joint replacement and other treatments. You can also contact us directly at (210) 696-9000 to schedule an appointment at our San Antonio or Schertz, Texas, office.

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