What to expect in discomfort following hip replacement surgery

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Patients who have had a problematic hip and are looking towards hip replacement surgery may be excited about regaining their active lifestyles after months or years of discomfort and interruption in their daily lives. But at Sports, Occupational, and Knee Surgery in Texas, many patients worry about what to expect after their procedure. Will I be in a lot of pain? Will I be able to regain the mobility that I once had? Am I going to have to take significant time away from the activities I enjoy? It is human nature to worry about the recovery process following these types of complex procedures. Patients can get many of their concerns addressed during their consultation appointment with the doctors at our practice. 

Will I experience pain after my hip replacement surgery? 

As with any surgical procedure, patients will be exposed to a relative level of pain as their body heals from the invasive surgery. Most of this pain is short-term, and in many cases, can be managed appropriate with over-the-counter pain medications including Tylenol or Ibuprofen. In some instances, patients may need a different type of pain medication that is only available via prescription, and this is decided by the doctor and patient when discussing pain management options. 

Restrictions following hip replacement surgery 

For many patients, a few days in the hospital is sufficient before being released home for recovery. During the healing process, patients will need to use a wheelchair, crutches, or cane to stabilize their body when they move about. Patients who have a desk job will often be able to return to work in about a month, but might still have restrictions on driving. Jobs with more intense physical activity may require more time home to rest and recovery before returning. Physical therapy is often a part of the healing process and should be done as directed to ensure fast and effective recovery following hip replacement surgery. 

Ready to learn more about recovery from hip replacement surgery? 

At Sports, Occupational and Knee Surgery, we can help patients learn more about hip replacement procedures and determine if they could benefit from treatment. We have two office locations in the areas of Schertz and San Antonio, TX and accept new patients who call for an appointment at (210) 696-9000

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