What’s ASD?

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Shoulder Arthroscopy San Antonio TXIf you played a lot of sports growing up, you might now be experiencing some of the adverse side effects, including shoulder and joint pain. Shoulder pain is typically exhibited both as a dull aching feeling and a sharp shooting sensation, depending on the exact injury. Luckily, we at Sports, Occupational & Knee Surgery can help to fix your shoulder pain and get you back on the road toward recovery.


During your initial consultation with our staff, we will conduct a physical evaluation along with any imaging that we see fit. By taking a closer look at your shoulder, our doctors will be able to strategically map out a treatment plan for you and your injury. Depending on your specific injury, our doctors may recommend that you undergo a surgery called ASD.

ASD Surgery

One of the most common forms of shoulder surgery that we offer is called arthroscopic subacromial decompression or ASD for short. Although the name of this surgery itself may be hard to digest, the basics of the surgery are a little easier to comprehend. Patients who are good candidates for ASD usually experience a pinching pain that is felt when they make sudden movements such as reaching for something or even putting on a shirt. This type of surgery is considered to be a “key hole surgery,” which involves making two or three 5mm puncture wounds (which resemble a keyhole).


Just like with any surgical procedure, it’s important that you know what is required of your recovery after ASD surgery. As your shoulder heals, you will be encouraged to use your arm to regain motion and to start doing daily exercises. Depending on your occupation, you may be ready to go back to work after about one to four weeks.

ASD is an effective surgery used to treat shoulder pain and injury. Schedule a consultation with one of our offices to see if ASD is the right surgical option for you.

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