Ease Your Arthritis: 3 Weight Training Exercises

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Weight Training ExercisesWhen you typically hear the words “Weight training” you likely associate large men covered in sweat, bulging at the seams with muscles. However, weight training is a form of exercise that can actually be used for any age of adult and can be especially beneficial in treating individuals who suffer from arthritis and joint pain. From helping to lubricate your joints to helping control with joint swelling and pain, weightlifting can give your joints the support they need in order to stay strong. Read on to learn more about the weight training exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home in order to help ease your arthritic pain and stiffness.

Before you start any sort of weight training workout— no matter how light it is— you need to get your joints and muscles warmed up. Simply either jog in place for a few minutes, go on a nice walk, or use a stationary bike for a few minutes in order to get your body warmed up and ready.

Hands and Arms
You may think that weight training is all about using heavy weights while working out a big chain of a gym. However, weight training can easily be done in the comfort of your own home using simple household items such as cans of soup or vegetables. When first starting out and trying to strengthen the muscles in your hands and arms, simply grab a can of soup from your cupboard and try doing arm curls with them. By holding the can itself, you can help to strengthen the joints in your hands while you are simultaneously focusing on the muscles in your arms.

Legs and Calves
To help strengthen the joints and muscles in your legs and calves, you can also use a soup can. Simply take two soup cans and hold one in each hand. Place your legs shoulder width apart and slowly bend your legs so that you are in a squatting position. The extra weight from the cans will help aid in your ability to build more muscle.

If you suffer from arthritis, you will do virtually anything to get rid of the soreness you are experiencing. To learn more about how to treat your arthritis or to schedule an appointment, contact our Sports, Occupational & Knee Surgery blog today!

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