Why You Need To Get Your Bunion Treated Fast


bunion, the bony bump formed on the outside of your big toe, can be painful by itself. Even if you can live with the pain, bunions shouldn’t be ignored. Aside from issues with mobility, discomfort, and the appearance of the big toe, bunions can cause greater harm to the foot and your overall mobility if left untreated.

Learn the risks of an untreated bunion and what treatment options are available.

What Causes Bunions?

There can be a variety of reasons for the formation of a bunion. Often, the shape of your shoe can influence the development of a bunion. Shoes that are too narrow for your foot can cause your big toe to bend towards the little toe, causing the big toe joint to stick out, leading to misalignment of the bones in the feet.

Other causes of bunions could be your foot anatomy and conditions such as arthritis. Sometimes, these causes can exist at the same time and cause a greater progression of your bunion.

Can Bunions Worsen?

Bunions can be a progressive issue. With enough time, you may struggle to walk or move your feet without pain. You may even have trouble finding shoes that fit your foot if the bunion causes significant misalignment.

The main concern with bunions is that they may worsen to the point of severely affecting your ability to walk. Conditions such as bursitis and metatarsalgia, which cause painful inflammation, can further develop alongside your bunion and require medical attention.

Find Bunion Treatment in San Antonio, TX Today

Working with the medical team at Sports, Occupational & Knee Surgery is an excellent way to begin finding a solution for your bunion.

The team is ready to help find you the best possible solution. Bunion treatments can vary depending on the individual, and their specialist can help find the right one for you. Treatment options include different shoes, protective pads, corrective splints, medications, and ice therapy treatments. However, a bunionectomy may be recommended if these non-invasive methods aren’t helpful.

Regardless of the treatment you desire, your best course of action in treating your bunion is to work with Sports, Occupational & Knee Surgery. Having helped many, they would be honored to help you, too.

To schedule an appointment with Sports, Occupational & Knee Surgery, contact our office at 210-696-9000 today.

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