How to Massage Your Joints After a High-Intensity Workout

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joint replacementHigh-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT workouts were really popular in 2016 and aren’t going anywhere in 2017. By pushing yourself to do as many exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, and jumping jacks in a small amount of time, HIIT workouts can help you to lose weight fast. And although this type of exercise is good for your metabolism and weight loss, it can be pretty hard on your joints. To help you relax your joints after your workout, consider using massage. Read on to learn more.

Focus on Your Hips and Knees

As the joints that are likely to hurt the most and get the most strain after a HIIT workout, your hips and your knees need to be massaged. Even though you may feel sore on your buttocks and across your legs, the soreness is likely stemming from your hips and knees.

Use a Foam Roller or Tennis Ball

You can use your hands to massage your joints, but the best way to apply the most pressure is by using either a long foam roller or tennis ball.

  • Foam Roller: To use a foam roller lay on your side in a side plank position and place the foam roller under your hips. Start slowly rolling your hips up and down across the roller. Although it might hurt a lot at first, you will slowly soften those joints and muscles. Once you have spent a few minutes on your hips, start to work your way down to your knees and do the same thing
  • Tennis Ball: As a better tool to help massage the joints on your knees, a tennis ball is easy to maneuver. Just take the tennis ball and start to slowly move it across all parts of your knee, applying a little more pressure as you go along. Repeat this on both knees for about five minutes.

Ice Afterwards

If you thought you were sore after doing a HIIT workout, you are going to be surprised by how sore you are going to be after you massage your joints. To help combat this soreness, make sure you ice after your massage.

Giving your joints a massage after your HIIT workout will help to loosen them up and make you feel more relaxed. To learn more about joint massage or other tips, contact Sports, Occupational & Knee Surgery today!


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