Do You Have a Torn Meniscus? Here are 6 Warning Signs

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Meniscus RepairThe knee has several working parts. The meniscus is a disk made of cartilage found in two locations in each knee. Its C-shape gives it the ability to absorb shock from walking and running, and to work in concert with nearby ligaments and tendons to stabilize the knee joint. In order to maintain the active lifestyle you love, you want to obtain the proper treatment for a torn or injured meniscus as quickly as possible.

Signs that your Meniscus may be Torn

  1. You have recently injured your knee. This doesn’t have to be anything traumatic. Sometimes a worn meniscus will tear after something as simple as stepping and twisting.
  2. Whether this sign of inflammation occurs only when you are active, or it persists even at rest, swelling should not be ignored. Treat with ice and rest, but schedule a medical evaluation if swelling continues for more than a few days, or if it is severe.
  3. Knee pain may occur for several reasons. Your orthopedic specialist knows what to look for in terms of structure, and how to differentiate between types of pain using appropriate diagnostic testing.
  4. Popping or clicking. A torn meniscus is something of a foreign body floating freely. As such, it can cause interference in joint mobility. When you try to move, this piece of cartilage may become stuck. In addition to noise, the stuck tissue may cause quite a bit of pain.
  5. Limited mobility. As the tissues in the knee swell, it may become impossible to bend or straighten the knee to the fullest extent.
  6. Locking of the knee joint may indicate a large tear that is causing cartilage to catch between the tibia and femur bones. Sometimes, the locked knee can be released during an office visit. This does not, however, mean that surgical repair will not be necessary.

Knee injuries can typically be fully repaired with a precise surgical procedure. When you repair a meniscus tear, it is possible to heal and resume your normal active lifestyle. To learn more about treatment options for knee injuries, schedule a visit to our San Antonio or Schertz office. (210) 696-9000.

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